Healthier eating,
made simple.

We want Foogal to be the powerhouse behind America’s healthy eating revolution.


To that end, we’ve put all of our efforts into designing an easy-to-use, intuitive and dynamic app packed with features that make healthier eating as accessible and convenient as possible.

Every element of Foogal is focused on making the organization and preparation of nutritious and healthy meals simple and straightforward for American families of all sizes:

Simply put, Foogal made the very idea of good nutrition second nature.


Our menus introduce our users to a banquet of delicious healthy meals with interactive shopping lists that link to America’s leading supermarkets.


Our wellness filter eliminates highly processed foods that have been stripped of fiber and made with added sugar - the number one cause of chronic metabolic diseases.

Step 01

Enter Your Profile Settings – Keep Wellness Filter Turned On

By taking a few seconds to complete your Foogal profile you empower Foogal to personalize the app to take into consideration preferences and household size. Here you will need to…


Let us know your household size

Foogal is the nutrition app that’s designed for your entire family. To ensure you are preparing the right amount of food, we need to know how many people usually gather around your kitchen table.


Choose whether to have the wellness filter on or off

The wellness filter eliminates highly processed foods from your meal plan, meaning you’ll only see recipes that can be made with healthy ingredients. Also, with the wellness filter turned on, you will only be offered healthy food products to purchase.


Choose whether to link Foogal to your Kroger account

Linking Foogal to your Kroger account means that all you have to do to buy the ingredients featured in our recipes is to make in-app selections, and the ingredient will be added to your Kroger basket for checkout.

Step 02


This next step is about selecting various dishes and building your meal plan for the coming weeks. You’ll choose from countless options, including delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks that effortlessly lead you to better eating habits.

Browse our recipe lists for ideas

Review countless dishes that meet your tastes and other considerations with each recipe featuring information about cuisine type, preparation time, level of difficulty, and the chef who created the recipe.

Build your meals by selecting a main course and sides

Add your meals to your weekly plan

Step 03


Foogal makes shopping easy by automatically generating a shopping list of all the ingredients that you will need to prepare your planned meals.

Determine what ingredients you need

Once you’ve planned your weekly meals and our shop section has list every ingredient you need for the weeks upcoming meals, all you have to do is run through the list and check off the ingredients you already have. As you check off what you have, those ingredients will be removed from your shopping list and appear on the “Go It” list, leaving you with a list of the items you need to purchase.

Step 04


With your meal plan built and your ingredients bought, you’ll have everything you need to prepare your very own delicious meals! And our recipes with easy to understand instructions and embedded videos will help ensure that everyone at your household will be happy with the results.

Review your weekly plan

Peruse the weeks remaining meals and select the one that your household is in the mood for.

Prepare your meals


So there you have it! It’s that simple!
Making healthy eating easier for everyone is what
Foogal is all about.

Are you ready to invest in a
healthier America? Let’s get started!