Changing the
Way America Eats

Foogal is an online mobile platform designed to help consumers eat better at every meal and in turn, live healthier and happier lives.

Overall, the US spends nearly $1.8 trillion each year on treating those preventable diseases. That’s around 3 times the amount we collectively spend in grocery stores.

68.8% of all Americans are overweight or obese and 31.8% of those are children. That’s nearly three quarters of the population.

75% of major chronic metabolic-syndrome diseases are mainly caused by poor diet and bad eating habits, both preventable causes.

Here in America, we have a problem with food. It’s not a new problem, and it’s not unique to us, but it needs to change and it needs to change now.

Our unhealthy diets and eating habits are the root cause of poor health across the country. The way we eat is causing serious health conditions and chronic diseases, from metabolic syndrome culminating in type-2 diabetes to coronary heart disease, cancer, and reproductive disorders. The lack of balanced nutrition also affects our cognition, memory and mood.

Our poor eating habits have created a healthcare crisis. To give you a better idea of the scale of that crisis, here are some hard facts.

The Solution

Our health is in our hands.

The best medicine we have available to us is food.

We need to eat better.

Integral to the ‘food-as-medicine’ idea is that we have everything we need to prevent deadly diseases right there in our fridges, our larders and our cupboards. We believe that making a healthy diet as easy to pursue as possible is a crucial step in the fight against disease, and that’s when we thought to ourselves:

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Introducing Foogal

Healthier Eating Made Easier

Foogal has everything people need to order, prepare and eat delicious meals that have been handcrafted by professional chefs designed for optimum nutrition and taste. With a range of intuitive features, packaged into an attractive and straightforward app, Foogal is our first step towards a healthier America!


How it Works


Wellness Filter

The wellness filter eliminates highly processed foods from your meal plan, meaning you’ll only see recipes that can be made with healthy ingredients. Also, with the wellness filter turned on, you will only be offered healthy food products to purchase.



Select various dishes and build your meal plan for the coming weeks. You’ll choose from countless options, including delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and drinks that effortlessly lead you to better eating habits.



Foogal makes shopping easy by automatically generating a shopping list of all the ingredients that you will need to prepare your planned meals.



With your meal plan built and your ingredients bought, you’ll have everything you need to prepare your very own delicious meals! And our recipes with easy to understand instructions and embedded videos will help ensure that everyone at your household will be happy with the results.


The Mission Behind Foogal

Every one of those four features form part of the Foogal mission,
which is built on four pillars:

Prevention of chronic diseases

Assisting with weight-loss and introducing healthier eating habits through our tailored menus is essential to tackling the diseases that are such a burden on our bodies and our country’s healthcare system.

Management of pre-existing conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions are almost always caused by unhealthy diets. We want to change that by making access to healthy food far easier that it has ever been before.

Reduction of the cost of healthcare

Our healthcare system is burdened by preventable chronic metabolic syndrome diseases, taking on those diseases by eliminating the poor diets that contribute to the problem is crucial in bringing the cost of healthcare down.

Encouragement of weight-loss

Our healthy recipes and nutrition reports are focused on making healthy eating as easy and as convenient as possible, a goal which in turn, makes losing weight easier than ever before for those who need it the most.

The Story So Far

We’ve come a long, long way with Foogal already, designing an intuitive and user-friendly app, creating meaningful relationships with industry figures and chefs, and crafting menus that will make a difference. Here are just some of the milestones and triumphs we’ve hit so far:

Fully-developed and tested app

The Foogal app is up and running, featuring engaging designs, fully-functioning features and an intuitive UX that runs smoothly at all levels. The app is set to be released to the public on major platforms in three to six months’ time.

Partnerships with renowned chefs and nutritionists

We’ve cultivated productive partnerships with fifteen of the best chefs and nutrition experts in the business. Some of those include leading neuroscientist and food addiction expert Dr. Nicola Avena, holistic nutrition pioneer Dr. Ed Bauman and award-winning author and restauranteur John Ash.

Extensive and diverse recipe database

Thanks to our work with chefs and experts, we’ve developed an exciting recipe database featuring over 1,500 healthy and delicious meals to make. We’ve included options for most dietary requirements too, along with information about each meal’s preparation time, cost and difficulty.

Comprehensive ingredient database

For our Shoppers menu, we’ve created an Master Recipe Ingredient List with more than 3,000 food products, all readily available in major US supermarkets, perfect for use in our menus and recipes. We also enable users to buy those ingredients within the Foogal app for when our users are prepping a meal.

Perfect business partnership

Our exciting partnership with data wizards Perfact powers the Foogal Wellness Filter. Perfact is an analytics firm that analyzes and categorizes retail food products and filters them according to various nutrition and preference criteria with a classification system.

Kroger partnership and integration

We’re extremely honored to have partnered with Kroger, one of the US’s biggest and most iconic supermarkets. Our ingredient lists will be linked to their inventory, driving customers to their supermarket and helping those same customers get the most from our app and our recipes.

Four secured and established patents

We’ve pursued and secured four key patents for our business and our services, ensuring the security of ourselves, our investors and our work, and granting us legal protection from other parties from around the globe.

Investing in a Healthier America

Putting your money towards a profitable good cause

When you invest in Foogal, you’re investing in so much more than a profitable, exciting and progressive business idea – you’re investing in the future of America, a future that, with your help, can become healthier, happier and wealthier for everyone.

As far as investment opportunities go, this one is bursting with potential, built on rock-solid foundations and carefully chosen expertise. Combine that with our missions to drive positive change and you’ve got a potent cocktail of investment gold that supports a better approach to healthy living. Need more convincing? An investment in Foogal is an investment in:

The treatment of chronic metabolic syndrome

Unhealthy diets are one of the key factors in chronic metabolic syndrome diseases and that fact makes those health problems preventable. Foogal is designed to change those diets and promote good health.

The management of pre-existing medical conditions

We’re changing the way people eat, and since poor diets and a lack of proper nutrition exacerbate pre-existing medical conditions, our work can help make those conditions more manageable.

The improvement of healthcare provision

We spend three times as much on our healthcare as we do on our groceries and that is a problem. The better we eat, the less medical treatment we need in our lives, and the less treatment, the lower the high cost of healthcare.

The fight against obesity

We’re tackling one of the root problems in America, working to change the lives of people who have been defined by their ill health. We’re helping them help themselves to a better life.

Are you ready to invest in a healthier America?
Let’s get started!

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